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Fire Alarms

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You never really get over the devastation of a fire, and the damage it can cause in your home or business.
The consequences can be devasting on your personal belongings, financial situation and most importantly the loss of life.
Whatever the size of your property, large or small, Commercial or Industrial Whether you need a network or standalone system, here at Woodhill Security Ltd we have the expertise to design and install, and take care of all your requirements.
We offer a wide range of systems from conventional to analogue addressable network systems from small to large, a single site or even multiple sites. We have the expertise to design and install Fire Alarm system that will suit your budget and needs.

Conventional fire alarm systems have been around for many years; they come in a variety of forms. Their design and reliability have improved no end as technology moves forward. Conventional fire alarm systems when activated will notify you of the loop of the device but no other information, a led on the activated device will denote the caused problem. A traditional fire alarm system can be the perfect choice for a smaller home or business where a small budget exists.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are the perfect choice for Commercial, Industrial premises with multiple rooms and floors where a more complex system is needed, they are different from the more conventional systems and offer more flexibility, intelligence from speed of identification by pin pointing the cause of activation by room, area and floor of the property.

One of our most popular systems the radio-based wire-free system has some unique features and are an ideal alternative to the wired system.
Here at Woodhill Security Ltd, we pride ourselves in giving you the best design and installation to suit your home and businesses needs. All designs, installation and commissioning are to the current standards BS539. We will leave you with complete peace of mind.