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The Important Of A Working Patient Call Bell

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The most important button in a hospital room for a patient is the patient call bell. It is essential that this button is always in working order because a patient heavily relies on it. Patients trust that the alarm works, and they will use it in case of an emergency. If the patient call bell isn’t working, then this could be a massive risk to the health, wellbeing and life of the patient.

Nobody likes going to the hospital. Being a patient in a hospital is a very daunting experience. Nobody wants to spend longer in the hospital than they must because we love being in the comfort of our own homes. Many of us don’t enjoy being waited on by nurses and often feel like an extra hassle to nurses that are already very busy.

A working patient call bell is often needed for patients that need the toilet but are unable to get out of bed themselves. These patients will press the patient call bell, it will notify a nurse, and they will be able to use the toilet with the help of the nurse.

However, many patients don’t see their need for the toilet as urgent. They will look out for a passing nurse instead of using the patient call bell. At the last minute, they will press the patient call bell. The issue then comes if the patient call bell is not working. The nurse is unaware that the patient needs their assistance. A patient could have had an accident in their bed, and they are feeling embarrassed and vulnerable. Alternatively, it can lead to the patient trying to get out of bed themselves and going to the toilet without the help of a nurse, resulting in falls that can have severe impacts on the health of the patient.

Patients falling may be more likely in older patients, but anyone unwell or injured is just as likely to have a fall. For example, some medication or surgery procedures can lead to feeling drowsy. A fall could lead to broken bones and a more extended stay in hospital.

It has been reported 40% of falls in hospital happen because patients attempt to go to the toilet unassisted. In some cases, this will be because the patient call button is not in good working order, and the patient felt they had to go to the toilet themselves.

Having a maintained nurse call system is vital to ensuring a safe stay in the hospital and can save lives.

When was the last time that you checked your patient call buttons are working?