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The Importance of a Working Fire Alarm

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The Importance of a Working Fire Alarm.

Fire alarm systems are becoming more and more advanced, however, if they are not monitored, maintained or checked regularly… then it just does not matter how advanced they are.

We rely on our fire alarms to alert us of a fire and to make us aware that we are at risk.
An effective and working fire alarm system can aid in the protection of people, properties and possessions. There are also fire alarms that will immediately alert the fire brigade if the fire alarm is triggered.

Each night you can go to bed assured that your office or home is safe and your fire alarm will let you know if there is an issue. However, if you do not maintain, monitor and check your fire alarm – how do you know it is working?
During the working day, you can partly rely on your employees to be aware of potential fire risks. If there is a fire in the workplace, they can sound the alarm, inform colleagues and help ensure everyone leaves the building safely.
However, in the event a fire takes place in the evening, during the night or over the weekend when nobody is at work – you are relying on your fire alarm system. It is so crucial that you make sure you have a working fire alarm. Having a functional fire alarm will help reduce damage to your business, but it will also help in saving lives if a fire was to occur.
Many people rely heavily on their fire alarm systems. However, they do not regularly check they have a working fire alarm.

Basically speaking a working fire alarm saves lives. The early detection of a fire could get you and your employees out of a situation that has the potential to turn into a tragedy.
If you’d like to know more about the importance of a working fire alarm or how we can help ensure you have a working fire alarm, please contact us directly; before it is too late.