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Moved to a New House Does The New Property Have Security, The Codes Will need To Be Changed?

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Moved to a New House Does The New Property Have Security, The Codes Will need To Be Changed?

Moving home is a very exciting but stressful time in everyone’s life. No matter how much planning, something will always come up and create additional stress. You may have forgotten to tell Aunt Mavis you were moving house, maybe you have not paid the last bill for the window cleaner, or you can’t remember which box the kettle is in so you can have a much-needed cup of tea.

These may seem like little things, but they can cause lots of stress and upset when you are in the process of moving house!

You may feel some peace of mind that your new home has excellent home security. Maybe you have CCTV cameras, an intruder alarm or even a secure coded gate to enter your property?

But who else has these codes to your property?

The people that used to own your home will have these codes to your security gate. They will have the system codes to view your CCTV security. They may also still have the keys to your home, and of course, they have the intruder alarm code too.

Even the people that lived in the home before may have installed the security gates and other home security system. They could also have the codes to all the equipment and alarms that are keeping your home safe and secure. Or perhaps even the people that lived before them had the security equipment installed, and it’s not been changed since then?

How about the estate agent? They will have needed codes to enter the home when it was for sale, and they were showing potential buyers around your new home. How many agents have the system codes to your home security, and how were these codes stored?

Maybe the past homeowners had a cleaner or someone that came to walk their dog? Perhaps a neighbour watered the plants when they were on holiday? Now that’s potentially allotted of individuals you don’t know that could have access to your home.

Moving into a new home with excellent home security is great, but you do need to get those codes changed – for your own security!


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