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Importance of maintaining the CCTV

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CCTV surveillance is an excellent deterrent for potential thieves. If the potential thief sees CCTV on your building, this can often be enough to put them off your property and try their luck elsewhere instead. Every business is susceptible to a break-in, no matter your business size, location or industry. How you protect your business is what could make a break-in less likely. CCTV surveillance is an excellent tool for protecting your business. However, if it is not maintained correctly, then what is the point in the CCTV camera in the first place?

A CCTV surveillance system is only as good as the maintenance and upkeep that it is given.

The old saying goes that prevention is better than cure. While the CCTV is the prevention to help reduce crime in your business premises, If a break-in were to take place in your business, would you be able to rely on your CCTV footage, so the police have the evidence they need to catch the perpetrators? Would you have the evidence you need to make an insurance claim?

This is where the importance of maintaining the CCTV comes in.

If you don’t frequently monitor your CCTV camera functionality, how do you know that they are in good working order? If you don’t check they’re working, how do you know your CCTV cameras won’t let you down if your business is broken into.

You may also find that your insurance company refuse to pay out on your claim if your CCTV surveillance is not in good working order. You may find your insurers are less willing to pay out for damaged and losses for your business.

The importance of CCTV maintenance isn’t just checking they are working, but checking they are recording the right things too. If you have moved your office or warehouse around you may find that the view of the CCTV camera is now blocked, or has been knocked, so it is recording a spot on the wall. The current set-up of your CCTV surveillance system could be outdated if things in your business premises have moved.

Why not book your CCTV maintenance check now? Even the most high-quality CCTV cameras can have glitches now and again. A CCTV maintenance check will ensure there are no issues and fix any problems that do arise. Giving you the peace of mind that if a break-in does occur that your CCTV cameras will not let you down.