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Are CCTV Signs A Legal Requirement?

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CCTV surveillance is a necessary security measure for many businesses up and down the country. By using CCTV cameras in the workplace, you can safeguard your business, your premises and your employees.

Many homeowners also purchase CCTV cameras for their homes as a way to protect themselves, their home and their family from potential crime.

However, if you don’t have the right CCTV signage in place, you could find yourself infringing on strict privacy laws that protect the rights of individual people.

Prominent signs are essential when CCTV cameras are placed unobtrusively or installed in areas where people do not expect to be under surveillance. There is an added benefit to CCTV signs, though. They work as brilliant deterrent to potential criminals. When a criminal is made aware that they are being watched, they will often think twice about committing the crime. The cost of CCTV signs is relatively low, for the GDPR and deterrent benefits they provide.

Listed below are the points of CCTV signs that you need to be aware of to ensure you meet GDPR requirements.

  • CCTV camera signage needs to be clearly visible and easy to read. The CCTV signs need to show the details of the organisation who are operating the cameras. On top of this, the signage needs to explain the specific purpose of the CCTV. Also that it’s designated for that particular area, It also needs co display advice on who to contact if someone has any queries.
  • The signs must be an appropriate size in relation to their context and where they are placed. For example, if the CCTV sign needs to be seen by someone driving a car, then it needs to be a large CCTV sign. However, a small shop would require a significantly smaller sign.
  • If you have CCTV cameras on your business premises, you need to ensure that all staff members know what to do if someone enquires about the CCTV cameras. All signs in public areas must clearly show the name of the organisation of the authority that is responsible for the CCTV surveillance systems.
  • You need to think carefully about where you place and position your CCTV cameras. While your cameras may be positioned on-site, they may still be capturing images of people walking by the business premises too. If this is the case for your surveillance cameras, you will need to ensure that CCTV signs are visible inside and outside your business.

If you would like to know more about CCTV signage or CCTV surveillance for your home or business; call our team now.