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What Is The Difference Between NVR and DVR?

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When it comes to video surveillance, there are two types of systems to choose from. The first is NVR, and the second is a DVR System. But what is the difference between NVR and DVR?

Let us start by looking at what NVR and DVR means.

  • NVR stands for Network Video Recorder Systems
  • DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder Systems

Both the NVR and DVR systems perform the same function of recording footage. However, the difference is how they record the footage.


NVR Security Systems

NVR systems record and store video footage directly from the network it lives on. NVR systems work with IP Cameras. These IP cameras capture and process video and audio data themselves. The way it does this is using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via an existing Wi-Fi network.


DVR Security Systems

A DVR system is considered to be an older ‘legacy’ option. Unlike the NVR system, DVR systems work with analogue cameras. Analogue cameras are unable to process video footage. Instead, an analogue camera will stream raw video footage to recorders via coaxial cables. The DVR system will then process the video footage.

Once the video from the DVR or NVR is processed, both systems will work in the same way. You will just need to connect them to a smartphone or any other viewing device. Then, you will easily be able to access and view your video footage.


About NVR Security Systems (advantages) 

NVR systems can record video and audio. It offers better image quality and more system flexibility too. You will gain better coverage with NVR as one camera can have multiple lenses. NVR systems can also be wired or wireless. Also, NVR systems only require one cable for video, audio and power. Having one cable to route gives more flexibility during an install. Your NVR security system can be used to identify faces, license plates and much more. This is a direct result of having much higher image quality.

However, it is worth noting that NVR systems are typically a more expensive option.


About DVR Security Systems

DVR systems are less expensive than an NVR system and much simpler to set up. DVR systems that use HD over Coaxial technology have lower image quality, but they are improving.

Now you know the differences between NVR and DVR systems; which will you choose?


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