Controlling Your Staffs Temperature

By May 26, 2020 News No Comments

Controlling your staff’s temperature as never been more important as now, so why not have installed body Thermo cameras that will alert you by ways of local sounders or notification to your Smart devices, we can also lockdown all other doors to prevent the staff entering should there be a high temperature, these cameras can also be installed externally.

Thermal imaging cameras detect the heat signatures coming from the environment to measure the thermal levels in it’s range. Why would you want this? Given the current situation in the world with Covid-19 these devices could be used to measure your employees body temperature to see if they might have the virus.  Installing them in the right place could mean stopping a potentially infectious person from entering and contaminating the workplace.

Thermal cameras are not only a good security feature for detecting human heat signatures if they need to be used for protection or a precautionary security feature. They can be used to assess the potential threat certain people could have on a workplace .

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