Intruder Alarms

Is Your Property Protected and secure ?

We all hate the thought of burglaries that occur in our homes or businesses

Woodhill Security Ltd keeps up to speed with all the latest technology to deter the ever sophisticated burglar and liaise with local authorities to track changes in criminal activities. For us it is important to give the burglar no incentive to break in. We achieve this by creating layer after layer of challenges for the intruder to overcome. The more visual the deterrent, the less likely a break in or crime to occur.

We will design and install a bespoke Intruder system that best suits your needs and your premises,  At Woodhill Security Ltd we will liaise with your insurance company to meet their requirements, if it be Commercial or residential we listen to our clients and can offer either a Wireless or hard-wired system at affordable prices, If its your commercial premises looking to upgrade the current Intruder system to the latest technology, or our residential clients that are concerned about your decoration we can offer state of the art wireless Intruder systems that will conform to British Standard EN5013-1 Grade 2 which is a Insurance Approved System that’s offering you a complete peace of mind. Our Wireless systems come with the capability to have remote access to set/unset your system or even check the log facilities and much more via your Ethernet Wi-Fi router from anywhere in the world, All our engineers will work within the existing systems ( If being upgraded) and make the necessary changes according to the specifications agreed at time of survey.

Bells /Audible only Home Alarms

If your alarm is triggered many intruders will make a quick exit with a high pitched internal siren and 104dB  external siren activated. With the latest technology of a WiFi module installed as standard to the Wireless and hardwired systems to send notifications to your Smartphone anywhere in the world with 3G, 4G or WiFi connectivity  your able to deactivate and re activate your system and report it to the Police with specific evidence of a crime taking place. The sirens will cease in 15 minutes and the alarm will reset omitting the previously activated sensor.

Monitored Home Alarms

Monitored alarms allow you, your key holders or our ARC (Alarm receiving centre) to be alerted if your alarm is activated. Guaranteed response from the emergency services requires monitoring via an ARC.

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