Our New Sponsors Zebra

By November 16, 2020 News No Comments

Here at Woodhill Security, we support the local community and charities as much as we can. We are pleased to announce that we have recently signed up to be partners and become new sponsors for Zebras Children and Adults Charity.

We were shocked to hear that there are around 13.3 million people living with disabilities in the UK. This works out to be almost one in five people. This was a stat that really made us think. When you look around your office colleagues and quickly realise how many one in five actually is – it’s a worrying statistic and something we wanted to get involved with.

We came across Zebras Children and Adults Charity and loved the positive changes they were making to peoples lives. Zebra has been established since 2015 and were started by the father of a disabled child. The child is where the inspiration came from for this incredible charity.

Every day the disabled community face daily challenges in all areas of their lives, from finding suitable employment opportunities and accessing emotional supper, to attending recreational activities. These are all challenges that Zebras Children and Adults Charity help disabled people with.

The charity has three main goals. They want to Support, Empower and Achieve. They work hard to support people where they may need it, to empower disabled people to become the best they can be and to help them achieve their personal goals.

We chose Zebras Children and Adults Charity as our partner charity so we can help them in providing and funding recreation. We are supporting them in helping to alleviate poverty in the disabled community. Our financial support will also enable the charity to provide the emotional support and advocacy the community needs.

If you would like to know more about the Zebras Children and Adults Charity, then please contact us directly, and we will connect you. However, if you would like to donate to our fundraising for this charity; please drop us a line.

Almost one in five people in your local community are disabled; how are you helping them overcome their daily challenges?