PIR or Passive Infrared Sensor

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Passive Infrared Sensor commonly known as PIR Sensor is a motion sensor that detects infrared light. Motion sensors are used to detect body movements inside or outside buildings or properties.
Once the sensor detects movement, it sends out a signal to a control panel which further triggers the alert this could be a light or alarm system. PIR sensors are one way to help protect your home from an intruder, but to get the most from the sensors you need to think carefully about where they are installed. Here are some ideas on placing your PIR sensors for maximum effect.
Placing your PIR sensor in the corner of your room with a view of each entry point is the most effective placements for it.If you place it in the corner of a room at the manufacturers recommend height your area will have the maximum coverage,

Place the PIR in a spot where an intruder would have to walk by to get to to other rooms. Find the appropriate walls that an intruder would walk parallel to in your home. Intruders are there for your valuable goods, set the sensors either facing the equipment itself or behind it and over windows and external doors When the intruder moves the objects, the sensor will notice the movement and trigger an alarm. Looking outside your property, your driveway and garden areas are a must, Your external PIR will pick up when someone steps onto your property alerting you of an intruder.
PIR’s can offer many solutions to your security needs. Here at Woodhill Security we can advise and offer you the latest and very best product to protect your home and properties.

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