Security Tips For Your Apartment or Flat

By January 29, 2019 News No Comments

The property market is always evolving, tastes change. Flats are growing in popularity. But while enjoying the benefits of an apartment, there are undoubtedly plenty of challenges to overcome when thinking about security.

The biggest concern when thinking about security is the communal entrances and exterior spaces. They offer opportunities to any burglar looking for an easy target. Making a few simple security measures could make your home and belongings up to five times less likely to be burgled, these are the official police figures (ref / ( we will make this a link)

Communal Worries 
The responsibility of the maintenance for the communal area is always down to the landlord but they are not solely responsible, everyone needs to work together. Report any issues as soon as you become aware and never assume someone else will report it. From broken lights to door mechanisms it all needs reporting. Shrubs and plants should be cut back to keep the entrance clear and out of the way of any CCTV that is in operation.

Communal entrances offer an easy access point to anyone looking for easy pickings. Top tips to always remember: –
1. Don’t let strangers follow you in.
2. Make sure you always close communal doors when entering and exiting.
3. Never buzz anyone in you don’t know.

Doors and Window Security
Living on the 19th floor you may think your safe from intruders. But a high number of burglars force a door to gain access. Think about upgrading your door, deadbolt locks are perfect for this.

Ground floor or basement flats are at high risk of burglaries.

These homes far more likely to suffer the effects of a burglary. Think about adding: –

1. A peephole to your front door
2. Add extra locks to doors and windows
3. Having a smart doorbell is a great way to monitor callers from your smartphone even when you’re not home.
4. Sliding Balcony’s or patio doors are known for being weak arm them with a secondary lock.
5. Be safe even when your home! burglaries do take place even when your home. Be careful when leaving doors and windows open.

Be a step ahead of the burglars

As with all Burglars, they are always on the lookout for an easy job if there’s a simpler opportunity nearby they will move on. Burglars see flats as an easy target as most are not alarmed and without CCTV cameras.

Investing in an alarm system and CCTV could be just the deterrent to make a burglar think twice. Wireless alarms systems and CCTV are highly effective and very easy to install. If you rent your apartment contact your landlord for advice on installing these systems.