The Difference Between Biometric Fingerprint Reads and Bluetooth via Smarthphone or Watch

By July 8, 2020 News No Comments

Due to the current situation involving the coronavirus it is important to avoid passing anything onto each other and while some companies and homes have fingerprint scanners that work for them. They can be hubs for the virus to propagate and be passed on from one person to another.

Biometric Fingerprints

Biometric means data derived from genetic analytics and is often used as a security precaution. For example there are many different types of security of biometrics, fingerprint and eye scanners, DNA scanning. They are highly regarded as being an extremely reliable form of security because it is so near impossible to recreate another’s DNA.

What is Mobile Access Control?

Mobile access is when you use a smart device such as a smartphone, tablet or wearable device to access secured doors, gates or networks. This greatly helps user access and convenience since they can use their credentials used on their smart device to access what they need and these can be changed and modified a lot more effectively than a traditional smart card or fob. Smart Devices can be used in 3 main ways:

  1. By touching the Smart device to the reader
  2. By walking up to the device and within 2M the reader will recognize the device
  3. By within 5M if in a vehicle by a barrier

So you can use your personal device to access secure environments without exposing yourself to anything in these uncertain times. Biometrics require human contact with a device to analyse the submitted biometric data. The key difference between the two is the lack of contact needed for Mobile Access which is something that is extremely worthwhile in the current state of the world.